Here are some definitions you may need when requesting an estimate or developing your specifications. Do not hesitate to call or come see us if you are unsure how to describe the elements of your job.

    • Bleed – Ink coverage that extends beyond the edge of the page.
    • Blue Line – A proof taken from negatives. When you sign this proof we have your permission to print the publication either as it is, or with changes you have indicated.
    • Case Bind – Books with hard covers instead of paper covers, such as text books.
    • CollateMultiple pages in sequential order.
    • Cover – The outside covering of a publication. Usually a thicker or different color paper than the inside pages.
    • Die Cut – Includes embossing and foil stamping or any cutting of the paper for special use or effect. Example: business card slits in folder.
    • Drill – Drilling holes to accommodate a loose left binder. It doesn’t have to be three holes.
    • Fold – Many publications are folded into their finished size. If you have an unusual fold, such as a gate fold, please indicate that under “additional information” on the estimate form.
    • Gutter – The blank space, or inner margin, from printed area to binding.
    • Inside – Refers to the paper to be used for the pages of the publication. When counting the pages be sure to include the pages that are not numbered or are blank. Count each side of the finished size sheet as one page.
    • Numbering – Putting a sequential number on each copy. Usually used for accounting or tracing purposes.
    • Perfect Bind – Paper cover with a glued flat spine, usually wide enough to print the name of the publication on the spine. No publications under 24 sheets of paper (48 pages) please.
    • Perforate – Small holes put in the paper to make one area easy to separate from another.
    • Pictures:

                Halftone – One color reproduction.
Duotones – Two colors combined to reproduce pictures with greater depth.
Four-Color – Color pictures.

  • Plastic Comb – A binding that allows the publication to lay flat when open. Often called GBC.
  • Saddlestitch – Multiple page book held together with two staples in the spine. No publications over 96 pages please; then we will need to go to perfect binding.
  • Screen – Used to lighten an ink in one area for design effect or emphasis.
  • Shrink Wrap – A tight fitting plastic wrap used to protect a publication from handling or storage problems. Also used from the top to the bottom.
  • Spiral Binding – A binding method using a continuous coil of wire, available in assorted colors, extending from the top to the bottom of the spine.
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